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Welcome to Strokes Gained Golf

Welcome to the launch of strokesgainedgolf.com and our first blog article! We hope your interest in strokes gained golf analytics will find much here to satisfy not just your curiosity about this new development in golf, but also fulfill a need by providing personal amateur golf statistics superior to anything previously offered anywhere. We at Strokes Gained Golf are just getting underway.  We have much to offer but much more is being developed.  Our introductory product will launch very soon, and will be followed by planned improvements, expansions, refinements, and features which will continue to make Strokes Gained Golf more informative and easier to use. As amateur golfers ourselves, we have been excited about the prospect of strokes gained golf analytics for several years, since its development by Mark Broadie and initial implementation as “Strokes Gained Putting” on the PGA Tour.  The implications of this new statistic upon the game of golf and the way golfers, pros and amateurs alike, measure and seek to improve their games, are vast.  Recognizing the superiority of the strokes gained method of measuring golf performance, its elegant flexibility for application to virtually every type of shot made in the game, the potential for revolutionary change in personal golf game analysis, and finding that nowhere was anyone offering (or at the time even talking about) a way to make this all available to the average golfer, we decided to do something about it.  We have developed a methodology (patent pending) for making the necessary data collection easy for anyone, so any golfer can take advantage of the power of this powerful golf analysis tool. The intent of our initial product is to provide both a functional and useful tool in making personal strokes gained game analysis for amateurs accessible, as well as “test” the level of interest in personal strokes gained statistics, so that we may respond with informed prioritized improvements.  The initial product will:

  • Provide for an easy means, both electronically and manually, to record the data necessary for personal strokes gained analytics.  This will consist of various options including: data input via mobile phone during rounds of golf; data input via computer or tablet after playing rounds of golf; a simple “strokes gained scorecard” for quick manual or electronic input.
  • Provide automated strokes gained analysis for subscribers, indicating measurements across all shot categories in both snapshots and progress-over-time. Strokes Gained Golf will automatically calculate and track strokes gained results upon upload of personal data.  Stats will include everything from overall strokes gained “handicap” values to key categories (driving, long game, short game, putting) with ability to drill down to 10-yard ranges.

Our next step is to complete the development of our mobile phone app (iPhone and Android compatible) that will take advantage of GPS technology to provide automated distance readings.  Along with it, Strokes Gained Golf will increase the analysis interface and flexibility to evaluate and compare virtually any detailed aspect of personal golf game analysis. Whether you have kept up with recent developments of strokes gained golf statistics, or are one for whom the term “strokes gained” is relatively new, we hope you will find our website informative and educational.  We hope you will choose the “Learn More” link to leave us your email address so that we can keep you posted on developments and the launch of our initial product so you can be among the first to give it a try. Information will continue to be added to strokesgainedgolf.com.  This blog will continue to include new articles covering various aspects of strokes gained, how it is and can be used. We would love to hear from you and encourage you to offer your feedback on our blog.  Our initial product is almost complete and will undergo final testing over the next several weeks.  We hope you will avail yourself of the opportunity to measure every aspect of your golf game using strokes gained statistics and help us develop the next phases.

7 thoughts on “Welcome to Strokes Gained Golf

    1. Dan Freeman

      Hi Colin! Thanks for the question. We are ALMOST there. We’ve been working every day with our programmer, and we’re working on the final touches. We’ve given him a hard deadline of January 1st, and he thinks he can have it done well before then.

      We’re super excited to get it out there. We’ve been using it ourselves for months and we think people are really going to like it. Very accurate, easy to use, and great graphs.

      Keep in mind that this is our first step. We’ve got great things planned, including integration with GPS to make it even easier. We need your help to spread the word, and we’re offering big discounts on future membership if you help us sign people up.

      Thanks for reaching out and PLEASE, ask us any questions you like.

  1. Kevin

    Hey, I would love to try to use something like this with my high school golf team. Any clue on price or if there is anyway to do a team offer? For high school programs there is small budgets but just wondering. Thanks!

    1. Dan Freeman

      Hi Kevin! I’m glad you found us. We were just talking about how awesome these stats would be for high school and college golf teams: you’ll be amazed by how well the stats will measure the various skills of your players. We really think that golf teams will be our number one priority when we get more into our marketing mode. But you’re way ahead of the curve.

      We’d really like to have you on board. There are a few things you should know:
      1. We will be fully operational VERY soon: we plan to be running by Christmas.
      2.Price for this first year is only $25 per member. Not sure about your budget but that may be quite a bit lower than expected. We are trying to really encourage people to sign up in these early stages, so we’re offering discounts the following year for signing up friends and we’re locking in low prices to early members for several years.
      3.We don’t have a special membership yet for teams, but we are certainly planning on that. I’ll talk to my brother (we own the company/run the site) about it tomorrow and get back to you. We may just decide to stick to the $25/member for now since it is pretty fair already.
      4.We have been working hard on this for a long time, and are proud to roll out this initial product, but we have big plans for the future and this service/site is only going to get better.
      5.The strokes gained stats/graphs available RIGHT NOW are accurate, detailed, and very useful, and there is nothing else like it in the world. We have been using/honing/tweaking the system for our own golf games so we know what a powerful tool it is.
      6.We REALLY want to get some teams signed up early on. It will help us get valuable feedback and help us develop our “team” membership services. In other words, if you stay in contact with us I think we can really buff you out.

      Anyway, thanks for contacting us and ask us questions. We’re very excited to get this thing rolling and we really want to communicate with people.

  2. Kevin

    Sounds good, thank you for the response. I would love to try it out with my guys. Once it is launched maybe we can figure it out. I dont think 25$ a year would be bad for the team but would maybe like to do a test run if possible to see before investing totally. We would have a team of roughly 12-15 guys initially but could expand it to the girls team at our school if effective. Its often times hard to talk people into something new until they have experienced it. Hopefully we can figure out something that will work great for both parties. thanks

  3. tim loveland

    The statistical idea of comparing an everyday golfer to either par or a PGA Tour player’s average might be functional because it establishes a benchmark for measurement.

    But what if I want to understand my own improvement by comparing me to me, i.e., using either my NCGA Index or even to my last SGG five scores on my benchmark course.

    Can I just shoot five scores and use them as my personal benchmark?? Will your system allow me to substitute my “benchmark” scores for the PGA statistical average in order to create a “Personal” SGG measuring stick??

    I need a statistical system that will help me stay connected and smiling not a statistical system that leaves me feeling disheveled and contemptuous!


    tim loveland

    1. Scott Freeman Post author


      Hello, again! Yes, comparing ourselves to average PGA TOUR performance is quite humbling! The good news is, the numbers are all relative. You can compare your Strokes Gained Driving numbers to another player of your similar ability and the difference is real and meaningful.

      One of the things we hope to add to our website soon is the ability to toggle benchmarks. In other words, you would be able to select “15-20 handicap” or “18 handicap” instead of the default PGA TOUR average benchmark, and see how your numbers compare to the average values for golfers of those abilities. We thougth we might implement this feature this year, but it will likely be for next year.

      The progress-over-time features do allow you to compare you to you. The site also keeps your averages for a given year so you can see how your rounds are comparing to your averages and your previous rounds, in each distance category.

      Thanks again for your interest. I would encourage you to access our site through your mobile phone and try the data entry interface. As I mentioned before, it takes only a second or two and the feedback in almost instantaneous. Others prefer to use pencil and paper during the round and key in the data afterward. Our site does have a printable blank scorecard designed for SG data entry. I prefer the convenience of my phone. As far as I know, for obtaining real strokes gained stats on your personal game, it’s still the only thing available on the market. We’re anxious to see it work with GPS capability, which is our ultimate vision.


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