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Technology Upgrade Coming

We have been very pleased with the results of our December 2014 launch.  Of course, as expected with a launch of any new project like this we encountered some bugs and have been diligently ironing out little annoyances so our members can continue with bug-free experiences.

We are very close to launching an improvement to our Record-a-Round interface.  By implementing a different technology, our developers have modified this interface to make it function  smoother and much faster.  For those of you in Europe who may have experienced some slow data upload times, we hope this will correct that problem.  For the rest of you, you will enjoy increased speed and ease.  Here is a list of some of what has been improved in the upgrade:

  • The Record-a-Round screen will no longer “refresh” after each completed stroke to return a calculated sg value. This used to take 1-4 seconds before you could continue data input. Now you can enter data uninterrupted while the data transfer and calculations operate in the background, returning sg values without a screen refresh as soon as they are calculated.
  • Distance input will be seen in the scorecard cell as you type.
  • The “from” tee box cell is now editable without having to clear the hole.
  • When playing at a new course, the order of input has been corrected so that course name and par values are entered before any stroke information is requested.
  • Editing Penalties has been made more clear and easy than before, with new screen interfaces to guide users through the options for new distance, lie type, or cancellation.
  • From the Scorecard View for Previous Rounds, clicking on any hole will take you directly to that hole for editing.  Some additional editing bugs have been fixed to make this function operate more smoothly.

We hope you will enjoy these new features as much as we have in our testing.  We anticipate launching the new improvements sometime this week, as soon as we are done testing.  You don’t have to change anything, and the interface will look the same.  You will notice the changes the next time you play.

Thank you to all who have become members since our launch.  We were very pleased to see interest in Canada and Europe and hope to see many more join us this season.

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