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Strokes Gained in 2016

Strokes Gained Golf is excited to enter the 2016 season!  We’re working on some new features for this year and are offering discounted pricing.



Near the end of last year we added some features that should appeal especially to the international community of golfers.  You may recall that as of August, 2015 we added a metric unit toggle for those who play the game in meters rather than feet and inches.  Along with that, you can now identify your golf course in several countries around the world; not just in the United States.

We are currently in development on new  Team Features.  This will introduce a new “Golf Coach” account that will have the ability to link to players that make up a team or organization.  It will enable coaches to view their team lists, rank them by various strokes gained categories, track their progress, and compare identified players graphically.

If you may be interested in these features as a coach or golf organization, or have suggestions on what tools you might envision to be useful to you, we encourage you to drop us an email and share your ideas. Based upon feedback from last year, we believe this may prove to be a very popular feature.



Right now, you can get your first annual subscription to Strokes Gained Golf for just $39.95.  If you have not yet subscribed, take advantage of this reduced price while you can.  It will be available through March, 2016 and is subject to change thereafter.

Don’t forget, whether you are already a member or will be a new one this year, you are eligible for drastically reduced subscription renewal fees by simply inviting your friends!  Just click on the “Earn Discounts” tab at the top of the home page the next time you visit the site, follow the steps, and encourage your friends to join!



Thank you to all of you who have joined Strokes Gained Golf already.  And a special thank you for those of you who keep in touch and offer your feedback and input.  We greatly value it and we do take it into consideration.

2 thoughts on “Strokes Gained in 2016

  1. tim loveland

    I don’t mean to dissuade you from pursuing your ideas because the Strokes Gained Golf System is a wonderful statistical system.

    But the fundamental problem is capturing the numbers, not generating the numbers.

    Thus, my question: Are you guys working on an interface with shot tracking systems like Garmin, ARCCOS, or Clubhub that makes the process entering data both easier and quicker?? Wouldn’t it be better if it was automatic??

    Also: Doesn’t an extreme sidehill lie make any shot more difficult? So shouldn’t your fairway lie rating system take that factor into account when rating fairway lies??

    Offered with all good intention.

    tim loveland
    San Francisco

    1. Scott Freeman Post author


      The fundamental problem you identify is the reason we are developing Strokes Gained Golf – so that golfers can quickly gather the data. You can use our website on your phone to collect the data while you play. It does not yet incorporate GPS functionality to automatically calculate your distances, but you can plug in distances and lie type in about 1 or 2 seconds before of after each stroke – literally. This is what I do and I find it does not delay play at all. Then within a split second I get the strokes gained value for that shot. GPS distance automation will make this even faster and more efficient, when we are able to develop the app and/or device.

      We are not yet working with any other companies but are working with the US Patent Office to obtain the patent. Then we’ll be in a position to work with other companies. As for automation, when we incorporate GPS functionality we will automate distances for most shots, except those on the green itself. In addition to putting distances, GPS automatation is not suitable for determining lie type because neither GPS and nor course mapping can do this accurately. Penalty strokes are another factor automation cannot capture. For all of these, we still believe “human judgment” is the best way to input these two pieces of information if accurate strokes gained statistics are desired (the PGA Tour’s involved methods still use human judgment for lie type as well).

      As for refinements of lie type such as side hill lies, you are correct. But thus far strokes gained stats do not attempt to delve that deeply into lie type. The numbers currently average all such refinements like sloped lies and rough length into one number representing distance from the general lie type classification such as “rough”, “sand”, “fairway”, etc. Our vision does include further refinements, be we won’t likely develop those until the PGA Tour starts doing it. It has taken them 5 years just to catch up with the different strokes gained stats we’ve been trying to provide, so it will likely be a bit longer.

      Thank you for your interest.

      -Scott Freeman


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