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Strokes Gained Golf Patent Granted

It’s an exciting time for Strokes Gained Golf! After almost 4 years of work we just received our patent (Patent No. US 9,542,596 B2).

There is a story behind Strokes Gained Golf. It was started by my brother and I, two amateur golfers who took a keen interest in the potential of strokes gained statistics when the PGA Tour first started using Strokes Gained Putting back in 2011 I think it was. We dug into Mark Brodie’s papers on strokes gained and realized what a powerful tool it was for measuring golf performance for every aspect of the game – not just putting.

Frustrated that nobody was providing a way for us to make use of this statistic ourselves, we finally decided if nobody else was doing it, we would. We went to work on our patent application for systems and devices that could collect accurate data as easily as possible, provide real-time feedback, and present and track results. At the same time, we pooled our own money to invest in the development of a “minimum viable product” that could be used by anyone who wanted it in the meantime – thus, this website and the web-based mobile phone data collection.

On a shoestring budget and with zero marketing, this basic tool has attracted golfers in the U.S. and countries all over the world who want the power of convenient, accurate strokes gained statistics.

With patent in hand, we’ll be talking with potential investors and partners to help us take Strokes Gained Golf from this web-based basic tool to where we envision it going: interfacing with phone apps, other GPS-enabled devices, rangefinders, and offering team accounts for teaching pros and coaches. And we couldn’t ask for better timing, as 2016 has seen the greatest expansion of strokes gained categories used on the PGA Tour. We want amateurs to have the same stats for their own games. We hope to provide you with some good news and updates in upcoming months, and we appreciate your patience as we investigate where this goes next.


2 thoughts on “Strokes Gained Golf Patent Granted

  1. Martin M Kies

    does your software package have SG stats on sand and chipping? I see you have driving, approach distances, and putting.

    1. Scott Freeman Post author


      Chipping would be covered in the short distances <50, but we have not broken it out as a separate category. You can "drill down" into the <50 category and see what your values are for 10, 20, 30, etc.

      We do not yet display values by lie type, which is where the sand game would be isolated from other shots. We have the data but have not yet made SG by lie type a feature of the website - it's on the development list.


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