Bringing Strokes Gained statistics to all golfers.

Strokes Gained Golf Is Up and Running!!!

As of December 23, our website is up and running and fully functional!  We are offering a free 2 week trial membership, and a one year membership for early subscribers is only $25.  By helping us sign up new members, you can get huge discounts on next year’s membership.

Once you become a member, you will have access to easy-to-use data collection tools. Once you start using these tools to record your rounds of golf, we will generate an array of strokes gained stats that are available nowhere else in the world.  These stats will include strokes gained putting, strokes gained driving, and strokes gained stats for all distances.  All strokes gained statistics will be tracked over time, showing progression and/or regression.  These detailed, accurate strokes gained stats are available nowhere else in the world, and have the ability to measure and track your golf game like never before.  You will soon see that traditional golf stats pale in comparison.

Become one of the first to enjoy the benefits of full strokes gained analysis for your game, and help us on our quest to make strokes gained stats available to all golfers!

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