Bringing Strokes Gained statistics to all golfers.

No gimmicks. No flashy marketing. Just solid, high quality strokes gained statistics made as simple as possible.

During the process of developing Strokes Gained Golf, we have had the opportunity to hone in on exactly what we have to offer our customers.  We spend a lot of time looking at related golf products, reading product descriptions and product reviews for GPS apps, laser devices, GPS devices, golf stat generators, Game Golf, etc.  There are a lot of golf products on the market, and we try hard to keep our fingers on the pulse of the industry.

While one might assume that we could be easily overwhelmed or discouraged by the number of products and features on the market, the opposite is actually true: we are gaining confidence all the time in the unique quality and service that we are working hard to provide.  In other words, it is becoming increasingly clear that there are no products or companies that are trying to do what we at SGG are trying to do: consistently produce very accurate, meaningful, cutting edge strokes gained statistics for golfers of all levels while making the necessary data collection as simple and painless as possible for golfers during and after a round.  We have no interest in bells and whistles.

We are golfers ourselves, so we understand what happens out on the course.  We understand that golfers want to spend as little time and energy as possible collecting data while on the course.  We should all be focusing as much as possible on playing the game, or playing the game and enjoying time outside with friends.  Stats for your golf game are interesting, useful, and motivating.  However, we fully understand that if the collection of the data necessary for generating golf statistics imposes too much on the flow of the game, then most golfers would just as soon skip the stats.

At SGG, we are very focused on a specific goal: providing world-class stats in the simplest possible way.  We are not interested in gimmicks.  We are not interested in multiple “features” that don’t help us achieve our goal.  We believe many of the features available with current products are not quality features with lasting value: they are designed as “flashy marketing” to grab the attention of potential buyers, but don’t offer quality results.  In other words, we see a lot of “clutter” out there: gimmicks and features that aren’t really adding anything of value to golfers.  We are in it for the long haul.  We strive for quality with holding power.

Here are some of the things we think most golfers DO like and/or that have lasting value:

  • Accurate distances to the pin or to course features.  We see that most golfers already have a means to determine distances on the course, and those that don’t are likely to have one soon.  This might include a GPS device, a laser device, or a phone app that uses GPS.  Some golfers use more than one, and we think GPS/ laser combo devices are likely to become more popular.  Most golfers are unlikely to give up their distance-to-the-pin devices, and we think they have strong, lasting value.  They actually speed up the game and most golfers find they ADD to their golfing experience.
  • QUALITY statistics.  I emphasize quality because most products on the market, and even the PGA Tour(!), focus more on quantity than quality.  We clearly understand the superiority of strokes gained statistics over other statistics, and we believe the rest of the golfing world will eventually understand this fact as well.  So you wont ever see SGG adding stats like Total Putts or Total Driving.  We think they are essentially worthless, as are most of the other traditional statistics out there.  Even time-tested stats like Greens in Regulation pale in comparison to their strokes gained equivalents: just wait until we unveil our Strokes Gained Greens in Regulation statistic!  We are trying to educate people about the value of strokes gained stats, and there is a whole, fascinating world of strokes gained statistics and analysis that we are constantly developing and exploring.
  • Simple, solid, accurate, and dependable on course data collection.  If we’re going to generate stats, then we have to collect data for your rounds of golf.  At SGG, we are always asking ourselves “What is the simplest way to collect the necessary data?”  We know for our own rounds of golf that we want the process to be very easy, but also very accurate.  Bad data makes for bad stats.  A simple on course system that requires extensive post-round editing is not very useful.

Here are some things we think most golfers DO NOT like and/or that do not have lasting value:

  • Extensive stats that don’t tell you much about your golf game.  I think most of us are susceptible to “numbers fatigue”: if a stat is not telling an interesting or useful story, we aren’t going to have much interest in it over time.
  • On-course swing analysis.  This seems to be a hot new feature, but we can’t imagine most golfers finding this useful.  Swing analysis on the range?  Absolutely.  But swing analysis during a round sounds like a nightmare to us, and we think most sensible golfers would agree.
  • Inaccurate stats.  If the process of collecting data is not dependable, the results are going to be skewed.  Bad stats are worthless stats.  Better to have no stats at all than stats that don’t effectively measure your game.
  • Imposing data collection.  If data collection interrupts the flow of the game, most golfers don’t want to bother.

We believe GPS/laser devices are something golfers will continue to use.  You can clip them onto your hat, wear them as a watch, use them with your smartphone, or carry them any number of other ways, but we are convinced that golfers will continue to carry them in one way or another.  Integrating on course data collection with the widespread use of these devices is necessary.  That is why SGG is working toward a strokes gained app that puts all of these features in one place.  We think the clear answer is a single device or smartphone that can:

  • Accurately get distances to the hole or other course features using GPS and/or laser
  • Collect distance to hole and lie type with the push of a button while standing next to your ball.  This is the data necessary for strokes gained statistics.
  • Include other data collection if desired by the golfer, including club used.  This could further include data entered before a round, such as wind speed and wind direction, elevation, temperature, date and time, course played, slope rating course rating, golfer handicap at start of round, etc.  This extra data collection, if desired, has the ability to produce fascinating strokes gained analysis.
  • Accurately determine the distance to hole of putts.  All devices/apps currently on the market simply are not dealing with this challenge realistically.  GPS, for example, simply does not possess the accuracy necessary to determine putting distance in feet.  Many people do not understand this fact.  We hoped, early on, that we could use GPS to determine putting distances, but research exposed a harsh reality: GPS cannot be used to get putting distances.  We concluded that if we want good putting stats, we will need to determine and enter distances manually.  Until some new technology emerges, the best way to determine putts is the old fashioned way: pace them off.  That’s how we do it, and it is not at all difficult.  Entering this distance into a device, usually between holes, is the best solution for real golfers.  The resulting stats are spectacular, and we believe they are worth it.
  • Include a scorecard so that another scorecard is not necessary.  The scorecard should do everything a scorecard normally does: allow you to record your score on each hole, show the par for the hole, show your score and other golfers’ scores for the front nine, back nine, total score, etc.
  • Easily edit data from previous holes/rounds.  Mistakes are made.  Being able to fix them ensures accurate stats.
  • Automatically enter the data.  Once data is entered, all you have to do is check out your stats.
  • Present statistics in a clear, useful manner that allows you to access previous rounds and track progress over time.

So designing and developing a singular device and/or app is our long-term goal, and we are are working to get there ASAP.  For now, we are offering a very useful, accurate, and functional product that allows you to get precise strokes gained stats to measure your golf game.  The current product is not yet able to incorporate GPS/laser functionality directly into the data collection.  That is a feature we have patented and are quickly working toward.  The current product is, however, VERY accurate, very simple to use, and easy to edit.  The stats it generates are flawless and well-presented.

Again, our focus is on long-term quality.  There are no gimmicks, no tricks, no false advertising.  We are offering strokes gained statistics that you won’t find anywhere else.






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