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Metric System Golf and Early Adopters


Since launching the Strokes Gained Golf site a few months ago, we have been very interested to see some surprising results.  For example, interest in strokes gained statistics is proportionately greater overseas, especially in European countries, than in the U.S.  Though we are not certain exactly what that means, it does at least indicate that European golfers are catching on faster than their American counterparts to the unmatched power these statistics provide for the golfer who wants to track and improve his or her performance.

Another important reminder for us was that of the millions of golfers around the globe, the game is not played universally in imperial units (yards and feet).  Most countries have adopted the metric system for measuring everything, including golf, in terms of meters.

For this reason we at Strokes Gained Golf are currently implementing a metric “toggle” into our services.  Golfers will be able to select whether they want to record rounds in yards/feet or meters.  Similarly, all our viewable output graphs will also render statistical results in meters, including 1/10 meter for shorter putts.

We are targeting the launch of our metric unit option for early September, 2015.  And if you are perfectly happy with golf in yards/feet, nothing will change for you. We hope this will broaden the interest in strokes gained statistics to those who do everything in the metric system.


Don’t forget our $25 annual subscription Early Adopter period is ending soon!  Those of you who got in early at this discounted rate are lifetime “early adopters” and will enjoy the benefits  of this low base rate whenever you renew.  It’s not too late to get in to this great discount deal, but it will end August 31, 2015.  After that, all new subscriptions will be at the normal $72 annual subscription rate.  That is still just $6 per month – the price of one or two golf balls! And remember, even if you are not an Early Adopter, you can still earn substantial discount up to 95% off by inviting your friends to join through the website’s “Invite a Buddy” process. Once you sign up, just click on “Earn Discounts” on the home page.

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