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Strokes Gained Golf Is Up and Running!!!

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As of December 23, our website is up and running and fully functional!  We are offering a free 2 week trial membership, and a one year membership for early subscribers is only $25.  By helping us sign up new members, you can get huge discounts on next year’s membership. Once you become a member, you […]

No gimmicks. No flashy marketing. Just solid, high quality strokes gained statistics made as simple as possible.

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During the process of developing Strokes Gained Golf, we have had the opportunity to hone in on exactly what we have to offer our customers.  We spend a lot of time looking at related golf products, reading product descriptions and product reviews for GPS apps, laser devices, GPS devices, golf stat generators, Game Golf, etc. […]

“Strokes Gained Per Round” vs. “Strokes Gained Per Stroke”

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Strokes gained stats can be calculated and presented in two distinct ways: per stroke and per round.  Strokes Gained Golf generates both “Strokes Gained per round” and “Strokes Gained per stroke” statistics, because we strongly believe each offers unique advantages for measuring and tracking various golf skills. “Strokes Gained per round” is the traditional way strokes […]