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Strokes Gained Stats and the PGA Tour: What’s Taking So Long?

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For those of us who understand the superiority of strokes gained stats over traditional golf statistics, it is very painful to watch the PGA Tour slog along in developing and adopting them.  If you have ever dared to venture onto the PGA Tour’s website to see their stats section, then you know it is a […]

How do you measure distances on the green to get your strokes gained putting stats?

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The fuel for the strokes gained stats engine is accurate data for each shot played during a round.  Lie type is easy to determine and poses few problems.  Distance-to-hole off the green is also fairly simple and straightforward to determine.  Most golfers these days utilize GPS or laser technology already to determine distances before playing […]

Beating “the pro” – Using strokes gained for individual shots to establish targets and measure shot quality

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Strokes gained stats such as strokes gained putting are generally calculated and presented on a per round basis.  In other words, statistics are generated by adding up the strokes gained values of all individual shots that fall within the defined category during a single round.  Once the per round values are established, they can be […]

PGA Tour Strokes Gained Benchmarks: Where do they come from, and are they useful to all of us non-PGA Tour golfers?

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All strokes gained golf stats start with detailed baselines or “benchmarks”.  These benchmarks represent strokes-to-hole values for every distance-to-hole and lie type possible.  Lie types include tee, fairway, rough, sand, green, and recovery.  Benchmark numbers are usually expressed to a hundredth of a stroke.  On the green, distance-to-hole is expressed in feet, and off the green […]