What Strokes Gained Statistics Can Do For You and Your Golf Game

The purpose of strokesgainedgolf.com is to make all the power of strokes gained statistics available to all golfers. We are constantly working hard to make tools available that make the necessary recording of data as simple and easy as possible. To repeat, the data required is not complicated: you simply need to record the distance-to-hole and lie type for each ball at rest during your round. Our systems for recording the data are described in detail here: How To Use This Website

Once you have recorded the data, your work is done and Strokes Gained Golf takes over. From the simple data that you collect, we are able to generate a truly impressive set of golf statistics that measure the quality of every facet of your game. These advanced metrics are truly unprecedented for non-PGA Tour pros. In fact, even the best players in the world have not had this ease of access to this high level of statistics. PGA Tour pros only have a few strokes gained stats available to them without hiring a professional to perform additional analysis. At Strokes Gained Golf, golfers of all levels have direct access to personal golf stats that simply aren’t available anywhere else in the world.

What Kind of Golf Stats Does Strokes Gained Golf Have to Offer You?

Strokes gained has the ability to precisely measure the quality of each shot, and/or any group or category of shots. So what kind of things can strokes gained measure? The following is a list that includes examples of things strokes gained can precisely measure per shot, per round, or for any period of time:

  • Driving: Measuring all tee shots on Par 4 and Par 5 holes
  • Long game: All non-tee shots over 200 yards
  • Mid-long game: All shots 150-200 yards
  • Mid-game: All Shots 100-150 yards
  • Mid-short game: All shots 50-100 yards
  • Short game: All shots from off the green 0-50 yards
  • Putting: All shots on the green
  • Total Strokes Gained: All shots combined

You can also toggle to traditional categories used by the PGA Tour: Driving, Tee to Green, Approach, Around the Green, and Putting.

All of the above categories will have a strokes gained value for each round played. Furthermore, each of those values can be averaged for larger chunks of time, measuring your game over, for example, 5 rounds, or any range of time desired. These values are also be graphed out over time, so you can precisely and clearly see the progress (or regression) of your game in all categories over the season or for all time.

Statistics on Strokes Gained Golf are presented with easy-to-read graphs with “drill-down” capability. You will be presented with graphs that show some of the most basic information, as well as a whole host of other graphs that get into more detail.

Strokes Gained Handicap

One of the statistics Strokes Gained Golf will track is something we are calling “strokes gained handicap”. A totally new concept, this statistic will closely mirror the method that generates your USGA handicap by averaging your strokes gained data from the last 20 rounds played. The idea is to provide a statistic that best measures the current quality of your game, smoothing out the data by averaging results from a significant chunk of time, while still allowing for change over time. While it can certainly measure the overall quality of your game by looking at Total Strokes Gained, more importantly it will measure the quality of your game in all of the specific categories listed above. In this way, you will be able to measure and track specific golf skills with great precision. The golf world has never seen anything that measures various specific golf skills with this kind of detail and accuracy.

In addition to the categories listed above, SGG will be able to measure many other things as well. Do you want to know how your game stacks up from greenside bunkers? No problem: strokes gained simply averages your shots from the sand from 0-75 yards. Do you want to know how well you hit the ball out of the rough? No problem. Do you want to know how you are performing from a specific distance range of, say, 140-150 yards, from fairways versus rough? No problem.

Strokes gained will also allow for comparisons with other golfers or groups of golfers. Do you want to know how your putting stacks up with your buddies across the country? No problem. Do you want to know how your driving compares to golfers of your handicap level? No problem.

Strokes Gained Golf will be constantly extending and expanding its statistical power. We already envision a golf world where everything related to golf can be measured with the empirical precision and flexibility of strokes gained methodology. This includes courses, clubs, wind, temperature, difficulty of rough: the list goes on and on. We already can clearly see where strokes gained methodology is going and where we will be going in the future. Right now, you have the opportunity to get in early in the process of development.

We urge you to sign up now and start recording data for your rounds. The results will astound you. You won’t be sorry.