The Record A Round Tool

The Record-a-Round tool is used to upload your data to our database whether you use the Smartphone or the Printable Scorecard option.  See the image to the right.

There are three primary sections of RAR:

  • Scorecard data display (top)
  • Distance entry (left)
  • Lie Type selection (right)

The most important thing to remember about the Record-a-Round tool is the proper Order of Data Entry. Once you get the hang of this the rest is easy.  The Record-a-Round tool takes stroke data in the following order:

(Penalty) > Distance > Lie Type.

With your smartphone, use the touchscreen interface to enter your data.

On your computer, you can select buttons the same way you would with a smartphone, or you can use your keyboard and shortcut keys to quickly enter your strokes, always following the (Penalty) > Distance > Lie Type order of entry.