Strokes Gained Categories

Strokes Gained Golf provides distance categories for different aspect of your game, from tee to green as well as on the green (putting).  Some graphs allow you to drill down into even finer categories.  Here are the primary categories:

  • Total (all categories combined)
  • Tee of par 4 and 5 holes, or the equivalent of Strokes Gained Driving
  • 201+ distances (excluding driving)
  • 151-200 distances
  • 101-150 distances
  • 51-100 distances
  • 0-50 distances (excluding greens)
  • Putting

You will notice that par 3 tee shots are excluded from the Strokes Gained Driving category.  This is as it should be.  Par 3 tee shots are instead included in the appropriate distance category.  They are to be considered approach shots rather than tee shots. For example, par-3 tee shots from 155 yards are included in your strokes gained category 151-200 yards.  Par-3 tee shots from 220 yards are included in your strokes gained category 200+. This distinction provides you with a better measure of both aspects of your game.