Order of Data Entry

Basically, the Record-a-Round tool will take data in the following order:

(Penalty) > Distance > Lie Type

If there is a penalty associated with the stroke, it must be entered first, then Distance, then Lie Type.

The “Enter” button is never necessary in recording this data.

As soon as the Lie Type is selected (by button or shortcut key) all the stroke data is entered in the appropriate box of the Scorecard section of the RAR tool, the data is uploaded to the database and calculated, and the next box awaiting data is highlighted.

If you are playing a New Course, then at each tee box enter par for the hole before entering Distance and Lie Type.

Typically, the steps of data entry will look like this:

  1. Enter par for the hole (for New Course only. Par will be permanently stored thereafter.)
  2. Enter Distance to hole from the tee box
  3. Select Lie Type “Tee”
  4. Take your shot
  5. (If stroke incurred a penalty) Select “Penalty” and choose the Penalty Type from the Penalty Selection screen.
  6. Enter Distance to hole from new lie (when required)
    • Note: some Penalties will automatically enter the previous distance and lie type.
  7. Select Lie Type for the new lie
  8. Repeat steps 4 – 7 for each stroke until you hole out.
  9. When you “hole out”, select Lie Type “In Cup

The RAR tool will advance you to the next tee box.

If you are entering data into a computer using a keyboard, you can simply type in the data using single shortcut keys for Lie Types, Penalties, In Cup, etc. (see Lie Type Descriptions)

If you make a mistake and enter incorrect data, you may edit it.  Follow the instructions for Editing Data Input.