Lie Type

Lie Type is selected from the Lie Type section of the Record-A-Round tool. From a keyboard, you may use the keyboard shortcuts to enter the Lie Type. Most of the Lie Types are greyed out and cannot be selected until there is Distance input.  Two Lie types do not require Distance input: Penalty and In Cup.

Lie Type Descriptions

  • Tee (T). Tee box.
  • Fairway (F). All Fairway locations, including low cut areas and fringe surrounding greens. The “first cut” of rough lining the fairways but cut shorter than the Rough is also classified as Fairway for strokes gained purposes.
  • Rough (R). All rough locations regardless of whether they are cut rough or other uncut natural area of the course. This includes any lie that cannot be classified otherwise so it may be either cut grass or uncut waste areas that are in play. The “first cut” of rough lining the fairways and between fairway cut and rough cut grass should be classified as Fairway.
  • Sand (S). Sand includes both official “bunkers” and other waste areas that are sand.
  • Green (G). All greens excluding the fringe.
  • Recovery (V). Recovery includes lie types from which clear shots to the green are not available.  Recovery shots include lies that have obstacles between tee and green that preclude a “normal” shot to the green, requiring the golfer to target differently such as under or around the obstacle, or simply putting the ball back into a playable lie (like punching out to the fairway).  It may also include extreme lie types from which there is virtually no chance of reaching the green and the purpose of the next stroke will be to put the ball back into a more playable lie type.
  • Penalties (P). Any penalty.  This will navigate you to the Penalty Selection screen.
  • In Cup (C). Select when the stroke is in the cup.  This will record the final stroke on the hole and navigate you to the next hole.