Last Round and Season Averages

The Last Round and Season Averages Graphs show you several important things about your game.  The four tabs allow you select:

  • Last Round cumulative sg values
  • Current Season averages per round
  • Last Round per stroke sg values
  • Current Season averages per stroke

The graph additionally breaks down your sg values by category. See Strokes Gained Categories.

Furthermore, by clicking on any one category, the graph will drill down into more particular detail as follows:

  • Last Round graphs will show you the value of your strokes in that category hole-by-hole
  • Season Average graphs will show you the breakdown of the selected category as follows:
    • Tee box (driving) in 50-yard increments
    • Putting in 1-foot increments up to 10 feet and to 5-foot beyond 10 feet.
    • All other distances in 10-yard increments.

To get back to the main graph from the drilldown view, select the “back” button in the upper right corner of the graph:

To download or print the graph view, use the menu in the upper right hand corner of the graph: