Data Collection Options

There are two ways to collect your data:


The first method of data collection involves using our printable strokes gained scorecard.  You can use any scorecard, but the printable strokes gained scorecard is specifically designed for recording the data needed for strokes gained calculations: Distance and Lie Type from every ball location you play during a round.  After your round you can then upload the data through our online Record-a-Round tool.

Printable Scorecard

Here is a step-by-step guide to using the printable strokes gained scorecard:

  1. Print our strokes gained scorecard and take it with you to the course.
  2. For each stroke on each hole, record the following:
    1. Par for the hole
    2. Distance to hole
    3. Lie Type
    4. (Optionally, you can also use our scorecard to record your score and the scores of your group)
  3. Any time after your round, go online to and enter your data using our online Record-a-Round tool (RAR).


I. Create a link to on your smartphone

  1. Using your smartphone, you can enter stroke data directly to our database as you play each hole.Before you approach the first tee, use the browser on your smartphone to navigate to
  2. Using menu options on your smartphone, add a link to your home screen for future one-touch access.

II. Course Selection and Entry

  1. Log into your account and select “Play Golf” from the menu bar
  2. Select either the Play New Round option or the Continue Current Round option.
  3. For the Play New Round option select your course from the dropdown menu or select “New Course” if you have not before played the course using the Record-a-Round tool.
  4. Select the date for the round on the calendar display.
  5. For a New Course, enter the Course Info (top left) and par for the first hole you are playing (top right) on the Record-a-Round tool.
    • Note: for New Courses you will be asked to enter par for each hole (top right). This is important so your strokes gained are calculated correctly.
    • Begin recording your strokes.  See Using the Record-a-Round tool for instructions.

    We are working toward making the Record-a-Round tool a fully functional APP. In the meantime, using the RAR tool on the course requires accessing the website through your smartphone browser. We have carefully designed the RAR tool to function smoothly. However, in the event you should get disconnected during your round and the RAR tool is not responding, your previous hole data is not lost!  Your data is uploaded, and shot value calculated, each time you finish recording a Distance/Lie Type combination.

    If the RAR stops responding or you are otherwise disconnected, simply navigate (or better yet, use the link you put on your home screen) to, select the “Continue Round” option, and pick up where you left off.  You may have to enter some data on your current hole if it did not successfully upload prior to being disconnected. This process takes only a few seconds.

    When to Record Data

    When to enter data for your shots is up to you. I (Scott) like to use my smartphone. This provides me the added benefits of seeing my calculated shot values after every shot, and having all my data already uploaded when I complete my round.

    In the tee box I adjust my GPS device target location on the green for the approximate pin position so that all my distance readings are within 5 yards of the actual hole location (see comments on Accuracy).  From tee to green I step up the ball, get my distance reading, and enter the Distance/Lie Type data. Then when I get close to the green, I simply remember all my chip and putt distances (having stepped them off) and enter the remaining strokes for the hole while I’m on my way to or at the next tee box.

    Dan likes to use the printable scorecard and upload the data after his round.  This makes data entry fast and easy using a keyboard number pad and keyboard shortcuts for Lie Types. After teeing off he’ll often take mental note of his distances and lie types on each hole and enter all the data on the printable scorecard after holing out and leaving the green.

    You will find your own preferred method.  You will find as we did that collecting data need not interrupt the flow of play.  There is plenty of time on the course between shots to record data.  We even find that keeping the data helps us focus more on each individual shot.

    You might want to read more in our article “How Do You Measure Distances on the Green to Get Your Strokes Gained Putting Stats.”

    Of course, once our GPS-enabled APP comes out, this will all become even easier.  Every off-green location will be recorded by simply selecting the appropriate Lie Type button; the distance determination will be automatic.