Bringing Strokes Gained statistics to all golfers.

What Is Strokes Gained

Strokes Gained Stats Now Available To You!

New Strokes Gained golf game statistical analysis:
Traditional golf statistics have very limited ability to measure game performance. The winner in golf is determined by the least strokes taken - the unit of measurement is strokes. Newly developed Strokes Gained statistics, now used by the PGA Tour to measure"strokes gained putting," gives golfers the ability to measure their performance in terms of the most important measurement in the game - strokes. And it works not only for putting, but applies to every aspect of your golf game from tee to green as well.

Measure and track performance in terms of strokes:
By keeping your own Strokes Gained statistics, you are now able to measure and track progress in literally every aspect of your golf game. You will be able to see immediately how many strokes you are gaining or losing in different parts of your game, in comparison to a stable benchmark established by the average PGA Tour pro performance, in the following categories:

  • Tee Box (par 4 and 5), also knows as Strokes Gained Driving.
  • Approach
    • 200+ yds.
    • 150-200 yards
    • 100-150 yards
  • Short Game
    • 50-100 yards
    • 0-50 yards
  • putting

These categories can be further refined down to 10-yard increments for even more precise analysis.

In additional, performance measures take into account the following lie-type situations encountered on a course:

  • Fairway lies
  • Rough
  • Sand
  • Recovery situations

Literally, right down to each individual stroke taken during your rounds of golf, you will know for every shot how many fractions of strokes you gained or lost with that stroke This is known as shot value. Never before has this kind of precision analysis of your golf game been possible - until Strokes Gained analysis.

And it's easy ...
Strokes Gained Golf provides the tools needed to quickly and easily collect the necessary data for Strokes Gained. By simply using our website or mobile fill-in scorecard on your smart phone, you can quickly enter the distance and lie before and after each stroke and all the calculations, statistics, and graphs will be created for you. You can analyze your overall game, a specific round, a date range, a type of shot, progress, all at strokesgainedgolf.com.

And soon, it will be even easier ...
Strokes Gained Golf is excited to make these tools available to every golfer for the very first time. But we are not done. This is just the tip of the iceberg. We are working on the development of our first smart phone app which will simplify and automate much of the data entry by using GPS technology to help identify courses, holes, and mark and calculate distances. With each stroke, all you will need to do is push a button to identify your lie type and the distance calculations will automatically be taken care of.