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Strokes Gained Stats in Multiple Categories

Stats are calculated, displayed, and tracked in all distance categories including:
  • Putting
  • 0-50 YDS
  • 51-100 YDS
  • 101-150 YDS
  • 151-200 YDS
  • 201+ YDS
  • SG Driving (Tee shots on Par 4 and Par 5 holes)

Each of these categories can be further broken down into smaller distance increments.


Strokes gained stats are presented using well-designed, easy-to-read graphs. Graphs will include:
  • Bar graphs showing strokes gained per round or per stroke in every category for last round played, last 20 rounds average, and season average.
  • Line graphs showing strokes gained progress per round or per stroke, plotted round by round for the entire season.
  • Graphs showing strokes gained progress per round or per stroke using weekly averages in every category, plotted week by week for the entire season.

Mobile Record-a-Round Interface

This feature has been carefully designed to allow for easy data entry, whether you choose to record the data during a round or after a round. Fitting neatly onto a smartphone screen, the Record-a-Round tool shows instant strokes gained results for every shot and includes the ability to record hazards, OB, and other penalties in a simple, intuitive fashion that calculates them into both your score and strokes gained results.

Strokes Gained Scorecard

Working in conjunction with the Record-a-Round tool, the Strokes Gained Scorecard allows you to easily see every stroke for a round, along with strokes gained measurements for each shot and each hole. The scorecard also serves basic scorecard functions like par, score for each hole, and total score. It is designed to do everything that a normal scorecard does, plus show all strokes gained results. Once a round is completed, the scorecard is permanently stored and easily accessed, providing a way to quickly look back at previous rounds in detail, including a graph showing strokes gained results for each round in every category.

Printable Strokes Gained Scorecard

For golfers who prefer not to carry or utilize a smartphone while playing a round, we provide a printable Strokes Gained Scorecard. This scorecard is specifically designed with ample space and the ideal format to manually record distance-to-hole and lie type data during a round for every shot. This can be done before or after each shot, or between holes. Once data is manually recorded, it can be entered into the website database at your convenience, any time after a round. The scorecard is also designed to offer all of the normal functions of a scorecard, including hole #, score on a hole, par, front nine score, total score, and rows to keep the score of playing partners.

List of All Recorded Rounds

A listing of all recorded rounds includes the date, course, location, number of holes played, score, and SG total for each round. After choosing a round from the list, you can instantly access the strokes gained scorecard and strokes gained graph for that round.


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