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What Is Strokes Gained?


"Strokes gained" is a relatively new term in the world of golf statistics. Since its partial implementation on the PGA Tour in 2011 with the "Strokes Gained Putting" stat, much has been written on the topic. Still it is recognized by few, and even among those who have heard of it, few really understand its power, simplicity, and elegance. At Strokes Gained Golf (SGG) we believe that in the next few years strokes gained analysis will revolutionize the world of golf, change the way PGA Tour players understand their game, change the way golfers are ranked in various categories, and change the way golf is talked about in the media. It is the goal of Strokes Gained Golf to enable the amateur golfer to take advantage of many of the benefits this new statistic can bring to every golfer's game.

Because strokes gained is so new, these pages are offered to explain and educate the typical golfer about how it developed, what it is, and how it can be implemented to the advantage of any golfer who is interested in measuring their own game with this powerful new tool. We hope you will find the following informative and useful, and that the potential of strokes gained analysis applied to your own game will excite you as much as it does us. Welcome to SGG, where amateur golf statistics are being revolutionized.