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Editing Data Input

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Editing Data Input

While using the Record-a-Round tool, you can select any of the boxes on the Scorecard section at any time and enter new / different data.  When you select the box it will be highlighted. You can simply enter the new Penalty > Distance > Lie Type info.  As soon as a Lie Type is selected the new data will replace the old. 

 Scorecard Edit

The other Scorecard boxes will automatically update themselves according to the new data and recalculate the strokes gained shot values for those strokes.   

For example, if you change the post-shot distance and lie for stroke 2, the pre-shot distance and lie will automatically carry forward for stroke 3.  Similarly, if you change the pre-shot distance for stroke 3, the post-shot distance for stroke 2 will automatically change to this location.  

There are some additional editing features… 

  Clear Distance

Distance Edit

Within the Distance section of the Record-a-Round tool tool is a “Clear” button.  This will clear the displayed distance so you can start over.





  Clear Hole Function

If you need to correct all or most of the hole stroke information, at the bottom left corner of the Record-a-Round tool is the “Clear Hole” button.  Using it will clear the entire hole so you can enter the correct stroked data.

 RAR View and Edit

  Online Scorecard

Online Scorecard

After you have played a round and entered the data, you may still edit any errors by following these steps:

  1. Navigate to the My Strokes Gained page. Or for a current round go directly to the Online Scorecard by selecting the Scorecard button from the bottom right corner of the RAR tool to edit the current round.

    RAR Scorecard button

  2. From the My Strokes Gained page, select the round from the sortable Previous Rounds table at the bottom of the page.
  3. On the Online Scorecard, select the hole you wish to edit by clicking on the hole number in the upper left corner.
  4. In the Record-a-Round tool, you may use the Clear Hole function to edit the entire hole or click on the desired cell in the Record-a-Round scorecard and enter the new Distance, Lie Type, and / or Penalty information.